The Neumuehl mill is located in the south of the City of Dueren on the Rur river, which has provided water for paper manufacturing since the early days of industry.

KANZAN has ultra-modern machinery on which it can produce the widest range of products from the sectors thermal and inkjet papers. Optimal interplay between man and machine ensures that we can offer our customers innovative products of consistently high quality.

The paper machine produces the base paper. At this stage already, the quality and the properties of the end product are essentially determined. The machine has a working width of 3.20 m, can produce paper in a grammage range of 40 - 180 g/m² and has an operating speed of around 650 m/min. The wire section is equipped with a moving wire and a top wire. Through integration of coating equipment, various kinds of coating can already be applied to the paper while it is still on the paper machine.

The two coating machines can operate at speeds of up to 800 m/min. The working width of Coater 1 is 3.20 m, that of Coater 2 is 1.60 m. Their grammage range of 40 to 240 g/m² provides enough scope that even special products like, for example, heavy thermal cartons can be coated on these machines.

In addition to modern process and quality control systems, both paper machine and coating machines are also equipped with web inspection systems which make it possible to recognize and precisely locate optical faults in the web while the production process is running.

One of the crucial aspects of production is the mixing of colours. In this production sector, the coating colours for our thermal and inkjet papers are composed. Long years of experience and unabated innovative strength in the field of coating colour production contribute substantially to our current position as a market leader in terms of innovation and quality.

In the final production stage, the rolls of paper, each weighing tons, are cut down to smaller dimensions and rolled up on slitter rewinders. These rolls go out to our customers, who further process our paper in a variety of ways and for a wide range of purposes.

The steam and electricity required for the paper production is supplied by an environmentally friendly gas power station which works according to the cogeneration principle. In this way, a substantially higher degree of efficiency is achieved than with pure electricity generation.

The waste water generated during production is led off via waste water channels to a sewage treatment plant of the Wasserverband-Eifel-Rur water authority. The waste water is cleaned according to the latest technology, treated in several stages and finally returned to the Rur river.