Printing ink recommendations

We conduct regular print tests for our papers under realistic conditions in order to improve our knowledge of the requirements for best possible printability. Not every ink is suitable for thermal paper. For this reason we have collaborated with the ink industry to compile a list of recommended inks.

You can find a PDF file of our printing ink recommendations here.

LM = Low Migration

These specifications are recommendations by the ink manufacturers. We can assume no liability for their accuracy.

1 With UV-flexo ink on Non-Topcoated materials (KP, KPR, KPO, KPW, and KPD grades), discolouration may occur, appearing even weeks or months after printing. Here we strongly recommend pretests. Complete drying, means cross-linking of the ink, must be guaranteed in the printing process. 

2 Through addition of the additive FLINT GROUP UAA00117, ink adhesion can be improved. Please consult the manufacturer's specification.

3 The UV-offset printability of KPW and KPD grades is limited. The result depends essentially on the layout, the machine settings and conditions. Printing tests are always necessary. Low-tack inks are recommended.

For product analyses and comparisons or detailed information on the processing of thermal papers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to be of service.